Meatless Montreal: Copper Branch – Montreal’s vegan powerhouse

Vegan food in Montreal is more accessible than ever thanks to great restaurants like Copper Branch.

“You’re more vegan than you think” is the motto of this Montreal born and bred vegan franchise. Since it was founded, Copper Branch has opened eight glorious locations serving up ultra healthy vegan food for all to enjoy. Their menu includes a delicious selection of vegan burgers, bowls, sandwiches, desserts, smoothies and other treats.

Copper Branch’s recent menu items

I recently visited Copper Branch to try their newest menu items with a friend. We ordered the  collard green wrap, general tao bowl, Einstein and Gandhi smoothies and the popular chocolate zucchini brownie.

Everything tasted delicious as usual but the big winner for me was the collard green wrap. You can take any veggie burger on their menu and have it served in a collard green wrap for a low-carb gluten-free alternative. I admit I was skeptical as to whether this would fill me up but it was very satisfying and really tasty – I recommend 100%.

The Copper Branch bowls are also great with lots of crisp seasoned veggies. The general tao bowl has lots of yummy broccoli and chewy shiitake mushrooms. This is definitely a healthier alternative to one of my favourite comfort foods: general tao tofu. I really love Copper Branch for the fact that you can have have a fast filling lunch that is full of nutrients and not too starchy. 


Smooth & delicious

I’m not a big smoothie person normally but the Gandhi smoothie was divine.  This green smoothie chock-full of veggie goodness is especially great when you feel under the weather.


If you are craving more of a sweet blend then try the Einstein smoothie. It’s a sweeter treat with a hint of vanilla from the soy milk. I added a little hemp protein to help build those muscles. It was tasty but a little sweet so be warned if you aren’t typically a sweet lover.

Healthy desserts, heck ya!

The zucchini brownie is really yummy and although I haven’t had their chia pudding yet, I’m sure it’s great too. Since I don’t have a big sweet tooth, I love when I can get a dessert that isn’t doused in sugar and still loaded with fibre.


Another one of my favourite Copper Branch items is the delectable galaxy burger made with yummy portobello mushrooms. Order this one with the oven roasted potato fries to enjoy a really satisfying meal. Miam!

The Copper Branch mission is to “empower, energize and make people feel their best. Serving our community power foods, plant-based in an effort to nourish and inspire our customers with quality whole foods.” I’d say they accomplished that and although it’s pricier than your average fast food join, you’re getting something of much better quality. After all, good food is a great investment in your health, right?

Visit one of their locations listed on their site:

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Happy eating y’all!