Meatless Montreal: No Recipes Fusion Vegan Caribbean

Vegan Roti and Doubles

For this Montreal restaurant feature, I want to talk about vegan caterer No Recipes Fusion.

One of my favourite things about myself and my family is we are super multicultural. Growing up, I was exposed to many types of food, but embarrassingly enough, I only ate hamburgers and pizza until I was 19.

Even though my palate didn’t develop until later in life, I remember one food that I couldn’t get enough of, even though I was a very picky kid. That food was Roti. Trinidadian Roti, or Dhal Puri to be precise. My closest cousin, who is more like a sister, is half Trinidadian and comes from a family of incredible cooks. They’ve even owned some restaurants in the city that made delicious handmade Roti. It took me a little while to appreciate Roti stuffing; it was the Roti skins that I loved as a child. If you don’t know, roti skins are a kind of flatbread, but they are extra special because they’re stuffed with lentils.

No Recipes Chickpea and Pumpkin Roit

The taste of lentils mixed with the mild seasonings and beautiful yellow colour from the turmeric makes Roti delicious and deeply satisfying. As I got older, I finally started appreciating the Roti stuffing, which is usually curried meats or veggies. Channa and Aloo is probably the most common vegan options out there. Even though you can find vegan-friendly Roti at many Caribbean restaurants, it’s hard to find a lot of variety. That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered No Recipes Fusion for vegan Caribbean and fusion food. Not only did they have more than one vegan Roti, but they also had flavours like pumpkin and plantain to add the sweetness I love so much. They also have my second favourite Trinidadian food: Doubles. If you haven’t tried Doubles, get some now! Fried bread with curried chickpeas and sweet tamarind sauce on top, what could be better than that?. I love doubles! Like love! And No Recipe Fusions Doubles have a fresh cucumber slaw on top. They’re amazing. They also make vegan fish cakes which are dangerously addictive.

No Recipes Doubles and Fish Cakes

I love when the vegan option is not a side thought but the centrepiece. Right now, No Recipe’s Fusion is my number one choice for vegan Caribbean food in Monreal. I’ve only ordered there twice since I discovered them, but they did not disappoint. We had the Chickpea and Plantain Roti, the Lentil Pumpkin Roti, Doubles, Fish Cakes, General Tao Pilau and Sorrel Lemonade. They also make other things like burgers and brunches. An amazing discovery in Montreal! Between No Recipes Fusion and Dumpling Nation, I am all set for my vegan goodies.

They don’t have a stand-alone restaurant, so you need to preorder and have it delivered. They are super quick to reply; all you do is order on their Instagram. I highly recommend them! And for the record, this is NOT a sponsored post in any way. They don’t even know I took these pictures. It’s just my true and honest love for a place that made me so happy.