Lip Sync Battle Fundraising Event

MTL VEG is throwing Montreal’s first “open mic” lip sync battle, featuring Brandon Calder, local sketch comedian as the event MC. All of the funds raised go towards supporting and promoting the well being of animals.


 No talent? No Problem! Inspired by the Jimmy Fallow show, lip sync battles allow anyone to get on stage and perform songs by mouthing the words. Dance moves and costumes can be incorporated but are not mandatory. The goal is to get up, have fun and impress the audience. The best performers will win prizes including up to $400 in gift cards to some of the best veg and veg-friendly establishments in the city.  If performing is not your thing, that is a-ok! Come as the audience, enjoy music, dancing and entertainment.

When: Friday May, 22 @ 8:00pm

Where: Le Petit Medley (6206 Saint-Hubert, Metro Rosemont)

Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at the door

The money raised will go towards promoting and preserving the well being of animals (via funding MTLVEG & donations to Animal Rescue Network).

 Sponsor this event, donate a prize ( more details below).

Our generous sponsors include:

Vegan Establishments

Invitation V –  3 x $50 gift cards

57 Cals – 5 x $20 gift cards

Sophie Sucree – 6 x 6 Cupcake packs and more.

Copper Branch – 1 x $25 gift card

Vegetarian Establishments

Lumiere du Mile End – 1 x $20 gift card

Lola Rosa – 1 x $20 gift card

Vegetarian-Friendly Establishments

Restraurant Su – 2 x $25 gift cards

Carre Confiseries – 2 x $25 gift cards

Manitoba Harvest – Hemp hearts, hemp protein and hemp bites


What is a lip sync battle?

A lip sync battle features two performers or two groups who perform songs by mouthing the words and emulating the original artist. Each individual or group is trying to out perform the other. It’s a great time with lots of laughs. Check out the Jimmy Fallon show that started the lip-sync craze on YouTube.

Be sure to click Attending on the Facebook event page: 


Who will be battling?

Anyone who wants to! If you want to perform your favourite track and battle for prizes, be sure to let us know via email (mtlveg@ or social media.

Singles, Couples or Group performances are all welcomed.

Don’t worry! You won’t be FORCED to perform.

Where does the money go?

All funds raised from this event will be distributed as follows:

50% donated to the Animal Rescue Network (A no kill animal shelter focused on sheltering abused and abandoned cats and sometimes dogs).

50% towards supporting

Currently receives no monetary support. All the time, effort and money put into is for pure passion and nothing more. The money raised for this event will be MTLVEG’s first attempt at acquiring funding. The funds acquired will be put to good use by promoting vegetarian and vegan lifestyle choices and highlighting cruelty-free restaurants, business owners and services in Montreal.

How much money will be raised?

It depends! Our goal is to raise $1000 from ticket sales. It’s a modest goal but we’ll need your support to make it happen!

Turn out:

50 people = $65 raised

100 people = $612 raised

150 people = $1162 raised

Help us reach our goal by spreading the word and promoting the event.

Download a promo poster here:MTLVEG-Poster-LipsyncPDF

Montreal’s VegansPlus group is supporting our event, check out their Meetup group activity board:

Become a sponsor, donate a prize!

Sponsors include: Sophie Sucree, Invitation V, Restaurant Su, Copper branch, Lumiere du Mile End, Lola Rosa and more!

What do the sponsors get?
Exposure to their market. We expect the turn out for the even to be between 100 – 150 guests. The main audience for the event will be MTLVEG’s followers aka individuals who are interested in food, animal welfare, cruelty-free products, vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Any company in this industry could benefit from a presence at this event.
All sponsors’ names and logos will be presented at the ticket table and on Links back to the sponsors’ websites will also be posted on and social media. Sponsors may also include cards, flyers and other promotional materials at the table and in the performance hall.  Finally sponsors can also perform in the lip sync battle while representing their business! Yes that’s right: Perform a song!  This would be a great way to connect and build bonds with the audience.
What can sponsors donate?
Gift cards, gift baskets, promotional offers etc. 
How much can sponsors donate?
It is totally up to you, we’ve received donations from $20 – 150. We will respect all sponsors regardless of the amount but bigger sponsors will have more visibility throughout the event.  For donations over $100, we can discuss how to make your brand more visible in the event process (in promotion materials, during the show itself). All of these details can be planned out in an official capacity once you’ve decided to jump on board.
Press and promo for the event:
Currently the event is it the first stage of promotion but we will have various stages to ensure it’s success. We are working towards being featured on english language radio programs (CJAD, CJLO radio) as well as creating online video commercials to create hype and talk about the event and where the proceeds will go.
Please don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions,
Maryanne Lewis
MTLVEG Sponsor Liaison
mtlveg @