Hey there, I’m Melodie. Here is where I share my passion for plant-based cuisine, zero-waste living, and being a green mama. I post recipes, recommendations and resources. My hope to inspire you to make greener choices by sharing my experience in a nonjudgemental way. I say nonjudgemental because frankly, I’m not perfect. I love that my blog fuels my desire to learn more about green living and push myself to always do better.

Is this a food blog?

MTL VEG started as a food blog in 2013, but I’ve grown a lot since then. I’ve since expanded MTL VEG to include topics around zero-waste living, sustainability and parenting. I’ll continue to share recipes and Montreal-based recommendations too. Bon Appétit!

Why veg? 

After watching one too many documentaries on factory farming, I went vegetarian at 14. I never thought it would stick, but it did. In recent years, I’ve been moving a lot more towards entirely plant-based cuisine and now my recipes are 100% vegan. And my older recipes are easily vegan-adaptable. I feel that plant-based cuisine is the right move for the environment, animals and my health.